Acquisition finance, management buyout finance and mbo finance

Finance strategic growth through acquisitions or MBOs

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Acquisition Finance

From £500k to £10m up to 5 years available for UK companies involved in strategic development. Debt financing is either secured via property or other unencumbered assets or cashflow-based on an EBITDA multiple. Business acquisition financing, management buyout funding (MBO finance) or company recapitalisation is usually via senior debt finance with a first charge over property, financial assets and the business itself. The acquiring party or management buyout team will need to contribute financially to the deal.

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Sell Your Business

A common thought process for many company owners is how to sell my business and achieve a successful exit? This is especially true for private, small and medium-sized, owner-managed and family businesses. For most owners a company sale is a once in a lifetime event and so maximising that value creation opportunity is important. If you want to sell your business this year or wish to prepare your company for sale in the future, please get in touch with Blueray Capital for a confidential discussion.