Angel Investment

Since 2009 Blueray Capital investor partners have invested extensively across Business Services, Cloud/Saas, EngTech, FinTech, Lifestyle and MedTech with several successful exits.

Syndicated investments are typically up to £500k although larger rounds in excess of £1m have been completed. With our considerable experience in scaling startups and growing international businesses, we are able to provide valuable hands-on expertise, mentoring and guidance, often as non-executive directors or board advisors.

We are delighted to be the recipient of the Best Technology Focused Angel Investment Firm Award by the prestigious AI International Finance Magazine.


Investment Criteria:

  • Innovative product, service, technology or process
  • Revenue generating, or close to it, with a proven business model
  • Capable of becoming a sizeable business with a clear development strategy
  • Sustainable competitive advantage with, ideally, some intellectual property protection
  • Exit potential in the short/medium term
  • EIS approved. Further information on EIS is provided in the Useful Links section.

If you want to discuss your early stage business proposition, in confidence, please click here to contact us.