Early Stage Approach

Early Stage Investment Approach

Through our own experience as well as that of our international network of investor partners we are able to coach and assist the management team in the development of their plan to support the achievement of a successful investment round.

While each case may vary, in general, if Blueray Capital is participating in the investment round, our decision making process is structured as follows:

  • Review:
    Your executive summary or investment pitch should outline the investment proposition as succinctly as possible. You can send us your pitch online here. If this is of interest, we will then request further information or arrange to meet.
  • Contact:
    On the basis that your proposition is of interest, a face to face or telephone conference meeting will be arranged. This gives us an opportunity to meet you, further our understanding of the business model, financial projections and investment proposition.
  • Screening:
    The screening committee provides you with an opportunity to present your business and enables us to clarify issues, raise concerns and challenge assumptions.
  • Presentation:
    A detailed presentation to the investment committee, followed by a question and answer session, will lead to an investment decision.
  • Term sheet:
    Once an investment decision is made we draft a term sheet which clarifies the key terms and structure. Once this is agreed we launch our formal due diligence process.
  • Due diligence:
    While we will have been doing some preliminary due diligence during the process, it is only after a term sheet has been agreed in principle that the formal due diligence process is started. We will validate the business plan, technology, intellectual property and financial information provided and research the management team's background and track record.
  • Completion
    Documentation will be completed by professional advisers and, upon completion, funds will be transferred. The hard work of turning the plan into a reality then begins!

If you want to discuss your early stage business proposition, in confidence, please click here to contact us.