Renewable energy finance. Biomass, Recycling, AD, Solar

For experienced developers

  • Anaerobic Waste Digestion
  • Solar Farms & Wind Turbines
  • PET Recycling
  • Projects to £25m
  • Term: up to 10 years
  • Across the UK
  • Competitive Rates

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Why partner with Blueray Capital?

  • Partnerships and funding lines with over 150 banks, funds and institutions, many of whom are not available directly to borrowers
  • Reduced time and increased chance of success
  • Lender preference to deal with intermediaries with whom they already have a relationship

Renewable Energy Finance FAQs

Development appraisal, design summary, approval status and team bios.

Indicative offers can be secured quickly but the whole process will take a few weeks due to the need for valuations and legals.

Terms vary depending on location, experience and scheme economics, from low single figures usually with an arrangement and exit fee.

Funding is available across the UK for quality schemes by experienced developers / operators.

Lenders will not provide the whole funding structure so there needs to be meaningful equity (and/or grants) in the mix. Although project finance is available, lenders prefer to have tangible collateral, in addition to the assets themselves.

Upon receipt of the initial information, if successful, an indicative offer will be made which, if accepted by the client, will lead to a due diligence process, valuation report and credit-backed offer, followed by legals and drawdown.

There are limited finance options available for first-time developers / operators, even if they have appointed a quality professional team. Funders prefer to work with teams who have successfully completed projects of a similar design and size.

We act for clients in an exclusive and contingent manner. 

If you have any further questions please let us know.