Residential Development Finance

Residential Property Development Finance

for experienced developers

Residential Development
Finance for New Build, Refurb
& Conversions from
£500k to £25m



  • England, Wales & mainland Scotland
  • 70% LTV max with build costs covered
  • Term to 24 months
  • Competitive rates
  • Entry & exit fee
  • First charge facility

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Why partner with Blueray Capital?

  • Partnerships and funding lines with over 100 banks, funds and institutions, many of whom are not available directly to borrowers
  • Reduced time and increased chance of success
  • Lender preference to deal with intermediaries

Residential Development Finance FAQs

Q1. What information will we need to provide?

Development appraisal, design summary, approval status and team bios.

Q2. How long does the funding process take?

Indicative offers can be secured quickly but the whole process will take a few weeks due to the need for valuations and legals.

Q3. What kind of terms should we expect?

Terms vary depending on location, experience and scheme economics, from low single figures usually with an arrangement and exit fee.

Q4. What are the geographic restrictions?

Funding is available for quality schemes by experienced developers across England, Wales and Scotland. Funders are keen on liquid units, near transport links with average unit value for local market.

Q5. Are there restrictions on the type of property being developed?

Development finance is available for good new build, refurbishment or conversion schemes in buoyant markets.

Q6. What is the typical funding process?

Upon receipt of the initial information, if successful, an indicative offer will be made which, if accepted by the client, will lead to a valuation report and credit-backed offer, followed by legals and drawdown. Funds are deployed to the main contractor on a monthly basis in line with progress.

Q7. What is meant by “experienced developers”

There are limited finance options available for first-time developers, even if they have appointed a quality professional team. Funders prefer to work with developers who have successfully completed projects of a similar design and size.

Q8. What are your terms?

We act for clients in an exclusive and contingent manner. We are remunerated by the eventual funding provider.

If you have any further questions please let us know.

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