Finance solutions for UK businesses and property professionals

Why Blueray Capital

Blueray Capital is an award-winning commercial finance specialist providing cost-effective business finance solutions to established UK businesses to help them achieve their growth & development goals. We partner with over 150 funds, banks and institutions, many of whom are not accessible directly, to save our clients time and money.

Property Finance

Development, bridging and mortgage finance

Residential property image for development finance

Residential Development Finance

For new build, heavy or light refurbishment and development exit. We can accommodate development loans for most residential or mixed use schemes from £500k to £25m in England, Wales and mainland Scotland. Terms vary, typically 70% LTV, 80% LTC from 12-36 months with competitive rates from 6.5% to 10%. Experience preferred. Detailed planning permission required before property development loans may be drawn down.

Commercial property image for development finance

Commercial Development Finance

For office, industrial and retail; new build and refurbishment schemes across the UK, from £500k to £10m over 12-24 months. Terms vary, typically LTV 70%, 85% LTC with competitive interest rates from 8%. Experienced developers only. Detailed planning permission required before commercial property loans may be drawn down.

Solar field image. Renewable energy finance development

Renewable Energy Finance

For biomass facilities, anaerobic digestion plants and solar farms in England. New build and refinance available for operational units from £1m to £25m. Ofgem tariff guarantee and RHI accreditation required. Renewable finance terms vary but typically 90% LTC and 70% LTV.

Residential property image for bridging finance

Bridging Finance

To cover most short-term funding situations, across the UK, from £250k to £25m from 3 months to 3 years. Wide range of sectors including residential investment property, commercial, mixed use and leisure. Terms vary, typically 50% to 70% LTV with rates from 7%. Property security required. Flexible ownership/structures.emes from £500k to £25m in England, Wales and mainland Scotland. Terms vary, typically 70% LTV, 80% LTC from 3-36 months with competitive rates from 0.49% per month. Experience preferred. Drawdown subject to satisfactory valuation report, KYC and completed legal documentation.

Row of houses image for BTL mortgage finance

Mortgage Finance

Available from £500k to £15m for acquisition, refinancing and investment scenarios, across England & Wales from 3 to 30 years, with fixed and variable options. Commercial mortgages, semi-commercial and residential mortgages. Loan terms vary, typically 75% LTV with market leading rates available.

Business Funding

Working capital finance to support your business

Row of construction equipment image for asset finance

Asset Finance Solutions

Available from £50k to £3m for companies across the UK to lease or hire purchase hard and soft assets. Purchase new or refinance existing equipment to grow your business quicker at lower risk. Asset based lending is available for most capital expenditure such as aviation, equipment, plant & machinery, technology, vehicles, recycling & renewables. Asset backed lending enables businesses to avoid unnecessary cash flow strain with repayment periods from 1 to 5 years.

Two businessmen reviewing debtors image for invoice finance

Invoice Finance

Is available from £50k to £3m for companies across the UK. Either selective invoice funding or via a confidential invoice discount facility. Receivables financing is a valuable option for businesses faced with lengthy payment cycles. Once registered, advance payment, typically from 70% to 85%, may be received on the same day. Direct links to accounting systems such as Sage, QuickBooks, Opera, TasBooks, NAV and Xero open up confidential invoice discounting of the entire ledger.

Large ship carrying containers image for trade finance

Trade Finance

Available for UK Companies with £500k+ annual sales to access global and domestic markets without suffering a cashflow penalty. Structured trade finance is available via a revolving line of credit with more complex international trading scenarios to £10m also covered. Export finance terms vary, typically 30-120 days credit with up to 90% advance. Trade finance covers most finished goods, stock and raw materials, in multiple currencies, across low/medium risk territories.

Finance graph showing growing revenues image. Working capital

Working Capital Loans

From £50k to £500k from 6 months to 5 years available for established businesses across the UK, trading more than 2 years. Business finance via unsecured business loans are ideal short term finance options for growth & expansion, cashflow stability, to acquire new assets, refurbish premises or hire staff. Large business loans are at competitive rates and available quickly. Director personal guarantees are typically required.

Acquisition Finance

Finance strategic growth through acquisitions or MBOs

Business people meeting image discussing acquisition finance

Acquisition Finance

From £500k to £10m up to 5 years available for UK companies involved in strategic development. Debt financing is either secured via property or other unencumbered assets or cashflow-based on an EBITDA multiple. Business acquisition financing, management buyout funding (MBO finance) or company recapitalisation is usually via senior debt finance with a first charge over property, financial assets and the business itself. The acquiring party or management buyout team will need to contribute financially to the deal.

Business people meeting image discussing selling a business

Sell Your Business

A common thought process for many company owners is how to sell my business and achieve a successful exit? This is especially true for private, small and medium-sized, owner-managed and family businesses. For most owners a company sale is a once in a lifetime event and so maximising that value creation opportunity is important. If you want to sell your business this year or wish to prepare your company for sale in the future, please get in touch with Blueray Capital for a confidential discussion.